Johnny and Chelsea are two of the most creative and fun-loving people you will ever meet. It was no surprise when they planned to find out the gender of their second baby, that they also began planning an epic gender reveal party! They invited family and friends together to find out if they’d be meeting a son or daughter in just a few short months.

The hall where the party was held was adorned with pink and blue, a spread of food, and a chalkboard full of guesses as to what was behind that cute little baby bump. Earlier in the week, the couple had delivered a sealed envelope to a local shop to peek at the gender for (only) themselves. They filled a massive box with balloons that would be sealed and returned to them for the big reveal!

The emotions of this reveal are so evident in this couple and their family and friends who shared in this special day. It was truly an incredible moment to be captured on filmed and shared online with all of their friends. There is no doubt they will be watching and reliving it over and over again themselves, for many years to come.


Many pregnant couples are finding out the gender of their baby before the birth – this couple decided to do it in style. This gender reveal party was a blast; capturing Johnny and Chelsea and their son, as they gathered together family and friends to find out if they will be meeting a son or a daughter, was both emotional and exciting! A box filled with balloons is sent up into the skies to tell the world who they will welcome in just few short months. Wanna know? You’ve gotta watch!


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