Meet Lincoln. He may be small, but this little rocker is full of life – feisty and energetic and always ready for a good time. When it comes to his love for music, this kid is a total rockstar. He loves to jam out on the guitar, bang on the drums, and sing his three year old lungs out like a true front man.

There was no question in our minds that the theme for our middle sons third birthday party would reflect his love for music, so we planned our party around celebrating our little rocker. Our local kid-friendly coffee shop, the PlayHouse Cafe in Courtenay, provided the entertainment with a room full of toys (and unlimited coffee for (grateful) parents. We decked out their party room in birthday banners, backstage snacks and of course a guitar shaped birthday cake.

It was a blast capturing the expressions and joy of Lincoln and all of his family and friends as they played and ate, and played…and ate. We are so glad we have this memorable party on film – after all, you only turn three once.


What better way to celebrate our little rockstars’ birthday than free coffee and a room filled with toys (that weren’t ours)! We celebrated our middle sons birthday, hosted by the Playhouse Café, downtown Courtenay in the quaint and quirky Tin Town. We filled the place with great friends, family, food and a whole lot of fun. Check it out!


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